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Long Ago

Tent campers have explored, enjoyed and lived in the out of doors for a long time. Hundreds of years ago people had no choice. It was a way of life. Man is creative and adapted tent construction from the materials at hand and in such a way as to provide suitable shelter in their surrounding environment.

Home Of Rugged Individuals

Hunters required portable shelter as their lifestyle dictated following the food supply. Over time tent shapes and sizes have continued to evolve. However, those living in tents have always had to be rugged individuals capable of living simply and endure the discomforts of bad weather.

Home In A Pouch

As a matter of fact, it never ceases to be amazing the clever designs and colors of modern tents when pulled from their pouches. Technology has produced strong lightweight materials lightening the load of backpackers and campground campers alike. Today, poles, rods, lines and stakes allow maximum comfortable room with less and less weight. Even the little pup tent in the backyard keeps changing the way it is made.

You Have To Be Kidding

In as much as most young campers believe roughing it is a campground without wifi, living in a vintage camper does not compute. No AC, unbelievable. This was built before my dad was born, no way. Come on, this has not traveled 500,000 miles.

Blessed Are Tent Campers

They are survivers. In a time when livestyles seem to want more, tent campers know less can offer contentment and happines too. Challenges, problem solving, adapting to situations are lessons learned camping in a tent. They are skills not well honed in modern high tech societies. Paraphrasing a popular saying, “Country boys and tent campers can survive.”

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