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Original free clip arts. Happy Camper Cartoon Gallery images of Marshall and Marsha Mallow voicing funny quotes along with my camping limericks and words of camping wisdom by obscure Chinese monks.
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A Lot Of Happy Campers

Campers are by and large a happy lot. It is no mistake, describing them the term “Happy Campers” is so frequently used. Whether in a national park, private campground or a franchised facility such as KOA or Jellystone, you will soon discover friendly neighbors. Actually, you might even say the definition of a campground is, “a lot of happy campers”!

Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained

Full timers, those folks no longer living in a traditional house, know new friends will soon replace those left behind. As a matter of fact, their lives are expanded by knowing people from all over the country. Consequently, the stories, different life styles and geographical diversity experienced while sharing campfires with fellow campers enriching them.

Where There Is Fire There Is Joke

For the most part, The ever popular campfire is the evenings magnet drawing camper families in circles about the flames. Always a favorite time and place to weave tall tales, share stories of the road, make fun, smores and laugh. No doubt, where there is fire there is joke!

A Friendly Walk

Rv life promotes spending time outdoors. Therefore, sitting under an awning or at picnic table beside one's travel trailer become pleasant pastimes. Hence, there is ample time to say “hello” to trekkers and walkers with their pets on a stroll. For this reason, conversations that begin about pets, pride in individual campers or weather often grow into lasting friendships.

A Special Place, A Special Life

Mixed with the scent of wood smoke, a feeling of joyfulness fills the air in campgrounds. Indeed, many are on holiday. It is a place where play and relaxation replace routines of work and school. Bicycles, kayaks, toys, fishing gear, ATVs, and golf carts dot the landscape. Likewise, it is a time for napping, improving a suntan, reading and experimenting with new recipes on the barbecue. Also popular is flying kites, watching birds and teaching children things about nature, such as, bugs, nests, leaves and flowers.

Camper Menagerie

Some campers talk of children getting bigger and needing more space. Other than that, just about every camping family loves its cozy tent or abode on wheels. Many vacationers delight wandering campgrounds discovering different travel trailers, camper vans and motor homes. Huge bus sized Rvs have multiple slid-outs and spacious awnings with decorative lighting. They might have satellite dishes and flat screen TVs pulling out from the sides for viewing out doors. Countless sizes and varieties of travel trailers almost all having curving flowing pin striping on their sides. Compact units foldout from cars, vans and pickups, others popup from trailers. Likewise, motorcycles also tow cute little trailers. Let us not forget glass eggs, tear drops, toy haulers, canned hams, fifth wheels and factory made travel trailers. Additionally, ingeniously created units by individuals including campers converted from old school buses and box trucks.

Campers Of A Feather

As one might expect, many campers, outdoorsmen, nature-lovers and backpackers, enjoy camping groups and organizations. For instance, groups with similar trailers, such as, the Wally Byam Caravan Club, or by a common interest like Escapees RV Club.Many are small regional clubs sponsoring rallies. All serve the interest of their camping enthusiast members.

A Ha Ha Here, A Ha Ha There…
But Not Everywhere A Ha Ha!

There seems an abundance of humor, laughs and jokes around campfires and picnic tables. However, there is a void in cartoons and humor in camping publications. We love being united with laughter. Furthermore, while friends joke, strangers rarely do. I believe camping literature readers welcome and enjoy more laughs and cartoons. As a result, I am creating an ongoing series of humorous items sharing FREE with every outdoorsman, nature-lover and backpacker.

Something You Can Laugh About

Discover original cartoons of Marshall and Marsha Mallow voicing funny quotes. Plus my camping limericks and words of camping wisdom by obscure Chinese monks. With these in mind, giving little funny highlights in your publication is a good thing. Consider adding for those readers that are also climbers, hikers, huntsmens, or sportsmen. Above all, this camping is FREE for the asking!

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